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Get access to the world’s largest materials marketplace and the easiest way for design professionals to search and sample materials.

Join hundreds of leading brands and get your product in front of 100,000+ design professionals

Support you can count on

We provide unparalleled benefits so you can do better business

Highly qualified leads

100,000+ vetted design professionals with active projects are sampling on Material Bank every day.

Connections for your reps

Empowering direct communication between specifiers and your reps that know your products best.

Infinite exposure at no cost

Turning brand awareness into familiarity through our unbiased search engine.

Fastest possible sample logistics

FedEx Priority Overnight shipments fulfilled by our robotics-powered Logistics Hub.

Sample reclamation simplified

Encouraging sample reuse to maximize your materials and keep them out of landfills.

Support sustainable sampling

100% carbon neutral shipping and we consider circularity, climate, human, and social health in all advancements.

Powerful ROI

We deliver project leads with rich data enabling expansion of your network.

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